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Rio Surf n Stay is a unique Surf Camp in one of the best surf locations in Brazil, always providing excellent customer service combined with quality instruction and the best equipment.
Rio Surf N Stay is a unique surf camp in Rio de Janeiro, situated in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in the west zone of the city, where the best beaches for surfing can be found: Prainha, Grumari, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Macumba, Reserva and Barra da Tijuca. Founded in 2006 by the surfers Mauro Bender (from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) and Katrina Millar (from New Zealand), the company was set up with the idea to offer packages for travelers from across the world with surf lessons for backpackers who come to visit the city, providing all the necessary facilities for a safe and effective learning. In addition, we also provide all the equipment for the sport in our surf camp to those who already surf. A bilingual guide can take you to the beach with the best conditions of that day and help you to improve your performance inside and outside the water.

The west zone beaches offer the best and most consistent options for surfing, with many beaches facing different directions to pick up all swells and wind directions.

Barra da Tijuca is the longest beach with many sand bars along its 17kms of sand, from Quebra Mar to Recreio dos Bandeirantes, passing by the preserved area of Reserva da barra. Barra da tijuca receives swells from a variety of directions, with waves that can be tubular or fully maneuverable going fast down the line. In good days at Reserva beach to Canto do Recreio, it’s possible to choose a good sand bar and surf uncrowded waves during most specific hours of the day as long as the winds hold off.

Canto do Recreio is a break that offers a good long and fast right off the sand bank next to Pontal Island, with a rip close to the rock that makes very easy access and a fun easier wave going left into the rip. Weekends are fill with local kids and big grouped surf schools but week days are less crowded.

The neighboring beach Macumba, offers perfect conditions for long boarders, fun boarders, fish and retro board lovers, keeping the beginners and intermediate surfers the happiest surfers on this spot. When the storm swells hit Rio this beach holds the best, once the winds swap to off shore, it cleans up the waves providing good formation and top quality waves for the advanced and intermediate surfers, creating a spectacular view to watch from the beach front kiosk. Sunset surf sessions are amazing here and will leave you with a unforgettable traveling moment.

Behind the next mountain, separated by a steep and bent road following the coast line, is the hidden and “untouched” reserved beaches of Prainha and Grumari. Both of them compose a stunning scenario that can be called the eco sanctuary of Rio surfers. Its holds all types of waves with nice sporty people atmosphere, surrounding this Environmental Protected Area where no buildings are allowed and green predominates.

Further down the road, just few minutes by car and we arrive to the last board of the surf city. Located inside a military area, this wave is a rare jewel and it is considered by some people the best left of Rio coast when conditions come together. You may think that you are in Indonesia. For receiving swells of different directions and for constant waves, the beaches of the west zone are the most wanted training places by surfers in Rio.

Rio de Janeiro

With reason the people of Rio proudly refer to their city as “a cidade maravilhosa”, the wonderful city. With a cultural melting pot, tempting night life, astonishing landscapes and gorgeous beaches, Rio has it all.
The Rio city is touched by a happy and positive feeling, filled with music and sports. Rio has a lot to offer for its residents and the increasing amount of tourists visiting all year round. The Corcovado (Jesus Christ statue) with a 360° view on the whole city, Sugar Loaf’s fabulous water views, the tropical mountain surroundings, white sandy beaches and the Maracanã football stadium are just a few of the sites that amaze people from all over the world. And it’s only getting better, with the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games coming up soon!
As the city of Rio started to send big police corpses to the “favelas” (Brazil’s shanty towns), also these areas are getting a lot more accessible for visitors, which opens a new door to Brazilian culture. Many voluntary projects with children are being developed to help these communities improve education and everyday life.
West Zone

The Rio Surf n Stay surf camp is located on a coastal line that starts from Barra da Tijuca and goes up to Barra de Guaratiba. This area is called the West Zone and offers many different surf beaches with an uncountable amount of sand bars, offering empty line-ups on many occasions.

Some of the highlight spots are the isolated beaches of Prainha and Grumari, both with amazing jungle mountain backdrop and civilization seemingly far away. Semi-secret spots are located in the area as well, and with the right conditions they offer really fun waves with small barrels and sections to smash the lip. Some of these spots are ranked as the best and most consistent surf beaches Rio de Janeiro and yearly host Men’s and Women’s World Circuit Tour (WCT), with the world’s top 44 surfers competing against each other.

Surf Spots in Rio – Comments and Swell/wind conditions

1. Ipanema:
World famous beach, got know by the famous songs “Garota de Ipanema”. The ebach is aproximatly 2 Km long, with tall buildings on its entire extension. It offers a wide selection of hotels and restaurants perfectly set for tourists from over the world.
On its perfect days, this beach break offers multiple sand bars with fast, short and hollow waves. During the 70`s the “pier” offered perfect waves. Nowadays, you still can see a bit of the structure of it around “Posto 8” where on good days the waves offer perfect walls with quick barrels. On the big south swells, the “ Sao Sebastiao” slab offers large barrels that can be ridden by the experienced surfers.
Swell: east, southeast
Wind: east, northeast
Height: 2 to 6 feet
Bottom: sand
Characteristics: short and fast barrels
Tips: Intense crowd; respect the locals; difficult parking

2. Arpoador
Arpoador is rated as one of the best waves of Rio. Long with maneuverable walls it breaks for over 200 mts on a sand bottom. The crowd is normally intense and locals can be aggressive sometimes. But even then it is worth paddle out on good days, specially with east or southeast swell and east, north or northeast light winds when conditions get perfect.

Swell: east, southeast
Wind: east, northeast
Height: 2 to 10 feet
Bottom: sand
Characteristics: long lefts, maneuverable and with barrel sections
Tips: Intense crowd; respect the locals; difficult parking. To avoid crowds go for a night session as the point is fully lighten by strong lights.

3. Barra da Tijuca
Barra is one of the most famous spots within Rio, not only because it holds some of the major surf events in Brazil including the WT, but because of its waves that on the goods days offer long ridable shoulders and fast and hollow barrels. It is the longest beach in Rio with 17 Kms. Along the strecht it is possible to find perfect sand bards – specially after the big storms – and hidden slabs that offer good waves with the right conditions. The “Reserva” area, offers empty line ups on the week days, so if you are lucky you can score good waves with only your friends around.
Swell: south, southwest, southeast, east
Wind: Northeast, light east
Height: 2 to 6 feet
Bottom: sand
Characteristics: maneuverable waves, formed by many sand hills and ditches for all over the beach
Tips: Choosing the right ditch, you can surf alone; parking accessible by all sea shore

4. Recreio do Bandeirantes
Recreio is located at south end of Barra da Tijuca. There are a multiple sand banks along the beach that can offer perfect “A” frames on the good days. At the further south end, a good right breaks along the rock on east or southeast swell and southwest wind. It is a good option for beginners and for big riders holding waves up to 8ft.

Swell: Southwest, southeast and east
Wind: South, Southwest
Heights: 2 to 8 feet
Bottom: Sand
Characteristics: maneuverable waves with long rights breaking off the rock. Towards the middle, lefts and rights break along different sand bars. Tips: Next to the rock on big days and right tide you can get good right and open all the way to the sand. Just a bit down the beach, you can find multiple sand bars breaking perfect waves with nice clean pitches on good days.

5. Praia da Macumba
Praia da Macumba or do Pontal is a beatifull beach that hold big swells. It is diveided by a set of rocks right in the midle. One side is really popular for long boarders as the waves are fuller and long, breaking diferently from most breaks around Rio. This side is also popular amongst beginers as smaller waves break close to the “Pedra do Pontal”. On the other side of the rocks, the waves are faster and hollow offering good barrels, specially in front of “CCB”. This are is popular for body boarders.
Swell: South, Southeast
Wind: East, Northeast and North
Height: 2 to 10 feet
Bottom: Sand
Characteristics: Long and full waves perfect for longboards and learners. Right in front of 2W street and Rio point are some of the best sand bars.
Tips: If you are learning, stick to “Farofinha” the sand bar just next to the rock where small waves break. On bigger days the sand bar in front of “Rico Point” (a big quiosk on the beach front) is normally the best spot. Now if you are looking for an empty space, follow the road and get to “Curvao” where suckier waves break offer good and fun moments.

6. Prainha
Prainha is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Rio. Surrounded by a backdrop with trees, there are no buildings making an amazing scenery. Being an protected area, the waves break all year around on different sand bars along the beach.

Swell: south, southeast
Wind: light southwest
Height: 2 to 10 feet
Bottom: sand
Characteristics: waves all over the beach right and left maneuverable on the most different conditions; very solid.
Tips: Prainha is a protected area with kiosks, showers, bathrooms. It is frequented by beautiful people and by the best Rio de Janeiro surfers. On the weekends, get there early to guarantee your place.

7. Grumari
Just next to Prainha we have Grumari. Another beautiful and isolated beach, Grumari offers nice and empty waves specially on the week days. The best conditions are during the south or southeast swells when the right corner offer long and powerful rights. On the smaller days, there are waves breaking all the way along the beach.

Swell: south, southwest
Wind: northeast, light southwest
Height: 2 to 10 feet
Bottom: sand
Characteristics: in the middle of the beach, waves for both sides in small and medium days. With a bigger sea, strong rights in the beach right corner.
Tips: a Gun can make the difference on the big days. Spots all over the beach during the week, On sunny weekends, get there early to guarantee your place.

Bedrooms: 7 Max number of guests: 22


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