About SurferDream

SurferDream has been online since 2001, Initially as Europe’s first online surf travel agent.  We changed the site to a free surf travel listing site where surf holiday providers can list their business for free. With 300+ of surf listings SurferDream is the largest free surf travel listing site on the web that charges no listing fee  & no commissions.

In 2017 we decided to give the site a complete overhaul to the current design that you are looking at.

We imported all the listings from the previous SurferDream version, and we feel the current version is a lot more user friendly for the end users and for the business owners that want to get their place listed online, and start recieving free client leads.

For the business owners:

We charge no commissions & no listing fees.

So create an account, or sign up with your facebook account and list your place: for free.


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